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  • containers used for storing water at home

The Liquid containers used for storing water at home.

Why we suggest our liquid containers used for storing water at home. All of SpaceBladder liquid containers are collapsible, easy to transport, when you need not it, just fold it and put in the warehouse. We considered difference home have different space to put this bladder, so provide custom-service for every family, every home, we will accord your specific situation produce it, no matter you need 1 or 100 sets. Our bladder tank made of high strength PVC material, it ...

  • 50,000l flexible pillow shape water bladder storge tank for irrigation

50,000L Flexible Pillow Shape Water Bladder Storge Tank for Irrigation

50,000L Flexible Pillow Shape Water Bladder Storge Tank Description Our 50,000L flexible pillow water bladder tank is a self-supporting water tank that stands automatically when injecting water and does not require human intervention. The dimension of the picture shown 50,000L is 10*8m and made of 1.0mm material. We offer a wide range of high-performance materials to meet a wide range of customer needs. Fully customized lengths, widths and heights are suitable for most of places, such as on-board ...

  • Spacebladder is A Professional Manufacturer of Collapsible Water Storage Bladder 01

Spacebladder is A Professional Manufacturer of Collapsible Water Storage Bladder

Space Bladder is a concept water tank manufacturer. We have always adhered to the work philosophy of quality first and service priority. And through this through our entire sales, production links. Today, we offer different types of water bladders for customers to choose from. The most prominent and popular are the water bladders represented by pillow shape, onion shape, and square shape. Pillow Collapsible Water Storage Bladder Bladder and Pillow tanks offer an ideal storage solution for a wide range ...

  • 50000 liter agricultural farm use mobile water reservoir tank

50000 Liter Agricultural Farm Use Mobile Water Reservoir Tank

For many areas with uneven terrain or a shortage of water resources, agricultural irrigation water is still a problem, and it is difficult for water resources to be distributed in every agricultural planting area. Our onion-shaped self-supporting water tank can effectively solve this problem by temporarily building a mobile reservoir for areas lacking irrigation water. This 50000 Liter Mobile Water Reservoir tank is the type of open-top onion tank made of high tear strength PVC coated fabric with floatation ...

  • 30000l pillow water tank filling water test

30000L Flexible PVC Water Tank Large Water Containers in Somalia

30000L Flexible PVC Water Tank Large Water Containers in SomaliaDescription SpaceBladder 30000L PVC water tank is one of the popular sizes in our collapsible, movable, and large size water container. The capacity is equal to about 8000 gallons, and the regular dimension is 7.5m*7m. The size can be customized for every customer without additional mold opening costs. It can be easily stored and transported, used in various places, and maintain a long service life. SpaceBladder hopes our flexible ...

  • 500l small portable marine boat fuel bladders

500L Small Portable Marine Boat Fuel Bladders

500L Small Portable Marine Boat Fuel Bladders Description Space 500L Portable marine boat fuel bladders allow you to run for long periods of time to reach your destination, avoiding the risk of a mid-stream energy shortage. These fuel bladders have a superiority that is fully collapsible and fully customizable. When used, it can be deployed quickly. When not in use, the compact design allows it to be rolled up for easy storage. In addition, the standard fuel bladder ...

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  • water fill test of onion water bladder tank

What are the benefits of a water tank?

SPACE main product is a flexible water bladder, oil bladder, and gasbag. It is becoming more and more popular because of its flexible and fast usage, relatively low cost, and long service life, Take the onion water tank as an example, it has great benefits in terms of sense of use and function. Superior Product Feature - Large capacity range: 200L - 50,000L - It can provide emergencies or temporary storage for water, fuel, or oil; - The unique onion ...

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Custom-Made Service

We provide timely, attentive, professional service to every customer to make sure your needs are met in the best manner and have an easy and enjoyable purchasing experience with us. For better meeting the specific requirements of each customer, we provide comprehensive customized services. Mainly include size customization, material customization, accessory customization, brand customization, etc. The customer's request is our pursuit. We will meet customers' purchasing requirements with the most sincere attitude and the most professional technology. Shape ...

  • Petrol Diesel Fuel Bladder Tank

SpaceBladder Petrol Diesel Fuel Bladder tank

The introduction of SpaceBladder Petrol Diesel Fuel Bladder Tank. SpaceBladder Petrol Diesel Fuel bladder tank is made of High Strength TPU material what is the thickness range is 0.7mm-1.5mm, we according to the specific design of the bladder to confirm the thickness. This material is UV-resistance, the temperature resistance is -30~+70℃. All of our material has passed the CE, ROHS, FDA, ISO etc. quality verification. Compare common material our material more high performance on Tensile Strength, Tearing Strength and Peeling ...

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