We provide timely, attentive, professional service to every customer to make sure your needs are met in the best manner and have an easy and enjoyable purchasing experience with us.

For better meeting the specific requirements of each customer, we provide comprehensive customized services. Mainly include size customization, material customization, accessory customization, brand customization, etc.

The customer’s request is our pursuit. We will meet customers’ purchasing requirements with the most sincere attitude and the most professional technology.

Shape & Size Customization

Our liquid container has pillow type, square type, onion type, cylindrical type, etc. for customers to choose. The length, width, height, and diameter of all products can be customized according to specific application requirements.

For example, fuel bladders for ships, water collection tanks for farms, fish tanks for aquaculture, etc., can be customized according to the size of the space that can be placed on the ground.

Customers can also send design drawings and samples to us. Under the circumstances of ensuring feasibility, safety, practicability, etc., we can achieve 100% customized services for customers as much as possible.