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Forests Fire-Fighting Onion Water Tank

Space Bladder provides the forests fire-fighting onion water tank meet  Fire Station, Police Station, Forest, Construction, School. Low cost, rapid deployment, long-term use, and other characteristics, has been recognized by many customers.

Forests Fire-Fighting Onion Water Tank Specification

Space Bladder can provide Forests Fire Fighting Water Tank. from 300L to 1,500L. The below picture is our real product show. The design of this product is very suitable for fire protection. Most of our customers come from government fire departments, as well as fire equipment companies. The product is easy to use and easy to move.

Forests Fire Fighting Water Tank 3Forests Fire Fighting Water Tank 1

More Detail of Forests Fire-Fighting Onion Water Tank

Forests-Fire-Fighting-Water-Tank 2

Durable Handle

Forests-Fire-Fighting-Water-Tank 3

Front View

Forests-Fire-Fighting-Water-Tank 4

Inlet hole

Forests-Fire-Fighting-Water-Tank 5


Forests-Fire-Fighting-Water-Tank 6

Side View


Outlet Ball Valve

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