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  • Custom TPU Water Bladder

SpaceBladder Custom TPU Water Bladder

SpaceBladder Mainly specialized in soft water bladder tank which made of PVC and TPU material, and it was widely used in agriculture, industry, domestic water. Due to the property of the material is different, so PVC and TPU water bladder have the different application in our life. For convenient to meet every client’s requirements, SpaceBladder provides custom-service for global clients. We mainly introduce custom TPU water bladder here, more product information please click bladder. space read more. What is Custom ...

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  • Spacebladder is A Professional Manufacturer of Collapsible Water Storage Bladder 01

Spacebladder is A Professional Manufacturer of Collapsible Water Storage Bladder

Space Bladder is a concept water tank manufacturer. We have always adhered to the work philosophy of quality first and service priority. And through this through our entire sales, production links. Today, we offer different types of water bladders for customers to choose from. The most prominent and popular are the water bladders represented by pillow shape, onion shape, and square shape. Pillow Collapsible Water Storage Bladder Bladder and Pillow tanks offer an ideal storage solution for a wide range ...

  • 10000 liters Water Tank For Sale

10000 liters Water Tank For Sale

Where can I get the 1000 liters water tank? Now Spare bladder has 10000 liters water tank for sale. We can produce the water tank within one week with the hight quantity. 10000 liters water tank specification: Dimension: 5*4m Material: TPU OR PVC( Decide on Application) Weight: 55kg Dimension: 70cm*50cm*40cm Color: According to you're required. 10000 liters water tank is very popular now. You can use on Daily Use, Agriculture, Military, Army, NGO Rescue, Garden, Farm, Restaurant, Construction, Home, Fire ...

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  • 1000 litre water bladder

Portable Containment, Frame support Tank

What is SpaceBladder Frame support tank SpaceBladder Frame Support Tank made from a high-quality PVC and plastic support. The PVC material is UV-resistance, temperature resistance is -30~+70℃, PVC liner designed with the utmost safety and care. Plastic support is durable, can table the pool well, meanwhile, it is collapsible and light. We manufacture a range of plastic from support tank (the normal type is the square and round type), suitable for a variety of applications containing liquid from 700 litres ...

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  • onion tank , Self Supporting storage tank

Onion Tank, Self Supporting storage tank

About Self Supporting storage tank Self Supporting storage tank also called an onion water tank because it's in the form of an onion. Same with pillow water bladder tank, it does not include any Support bracket. It is made of High Strength PVC material what is the thickness range is 0.7mm-1.5mm, This material is UV-resistance, the temperature resistance is -30~+70℃. All of our material has passed the CE, ROHS, FDA, ISO etc. quality verification. Moreover, such this soft material storage ...

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What is Spacebladder Collapsible Water Storage Tank?

The introduction of Space Collapsible Water Storage Tank Spacebladder mainly specialized in soft bladder tank which is flexible, collapsible, and foldable. The bladder tank made of PVC or TPU material which passed the CE, ROHS, FDA, ISO etc. quality verification. We do customer service for every client that makes people can use it in any way and any place. It mainly includes water bladder tank, fuel bladder tank, fish tank, onion tank and the capacity is 100L- 500,000L for choice. ...

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What is the water bladders made?

It is made of PVC / TPU material. Different materials have different application. Usually, PVC is suitable for animal water drinking, people drinking in a short time, agriculture, industry etc. TPU is suitable for human drinking, fuel storage etc. Meanwhile, we also have different thickness for you choice, 0.7mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm. Exactly details please kindly contact us.

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What is the application of SpaceBladder?

Water tank mainly for Drinking, Firefighting, Agriculture, Sewage collection, Rainwater harvesting, irrigation, industrial use, Marine use, Military use, home use, Aquaculture, fish farming etc. Fuel Bladder Tank mainly for Fuel storage, Fuel transportation etc.

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  • Collaspible-Folding-Durable-Koi-Fish-Tank-For-Koi-Fish-Showing

Collaspible Folding Durable Koi Fish Tank For Koi Fish Showing

Durable Koi Fish Tank Showing Description Collapsible Folding Durable Koi Fish Tank For Koi Fish Showing. Durable koi fish tank be widely used in fish farming.This is an economical way to allow us to quickly set our own pond and to recover the cost in the shortest possible time. We offer galvanized and plastic tub fish ponds. We always prepare the most suitable products for our customers. Of course, you can use our tank anywhere. Material: High Strength ...

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