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Wholesale Various High Quality Medical Industry Water Tank

Medical Industry Water Tank Description Wholesale Various High Quality Medical Industry Water Tank made with various color, pillow shape is collapsible and portable, fast and easy deployment. The potable water tank is movable and lightable.  Pillow shape provide small and bulk water storage on your site, facility, home, or business location, Of course, you can use our tank anywhere. Material: High Strength PVC/TPU(Made of strong synthetic material coated with PVC/TPU both side.) Thickness: 0.7mm-1.5mm Capacity: 100L-500,000L Color: army green, ...

  • PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat Hose Description PVC layflat hose is a PVC discharge lay-flat hose that resists kinking and twisting. This hose is designed as a standard duty hose for water discharge in industrial and water pumps, pool & spa, construction, mines, and marine, and is economical, and rolls up flat for easy storage. Product Detail PVC layflat hose can be used for irrigation in agriculture and forestry and transferring the liquid in industry. It ...

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  • 2000l backyard pvc tarpauline fish farming tank custom feedback

2000L Backyard PVC Tarpaulin Fish Farming Tank

2000L Backyard PVC Tarpaulin Fish Farming Tank Description The 2000L Backyard PVC Tarpaulin Fish Farming Tank is foldable, the package size is less than 0.1cbm, the gross weight is about 20kgs, which is very convenient for transportation. It's unfolded size is diameter1.65m* height 1 meter, which is very suitable for indoor breeding or small-scale farming in the backyard. It is made of eco-friendly, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, UV-resistant PVC tarpaulin liner and detachable hard plastic tube, which is very safe ...

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  • space 10000l auxiliary fuel bladders

Space 10000L Auxiliary Fuel Bladders

Space 10000L Fuel Bladder Tank equal to about 2500 gallon which specially designed for storage of various oils. 2500 Gallon is one of our hot sale sizes. The main capacity has 50Ll - 500,000L for choice. Auxiliary fuel bladder also called collapsible fuel bladder, fuel cells, or fuel storage tanks for extending the range of industry, oil exploration, marine, etc. It is made of high-strength polyurethane (TPU) material that is resistant to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and aging and is made ...

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  • flexible above ground breeding fish farming tank

Flexible Above Ground Breeding Fish Farming Tank

Aquaculture Fish Farming Tanks Description With the rapid development of the world aquaculture industry and the continuous expansion of demand, it attracts more and more breeding enthusiasts and enterprises to enter. However, traditional aquaculture has problems such as simple facilities, unreasonable layout, damaged land, and difficult management. People are very concerned about improving the efficiency of breeding. Therefore, our company has developed an "above ground flexible breeding fish tank". It consists of a detachable galvanized pipe and a ...

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Flexible Fish Farming Tank – Space Hot Sale Tank

With the rapid development of the fish farming industry around the world, the development of new and efficient fish farming equipment has become the focus of our development. The galvanized pipe bracket flexible fish farming tank produced by our company has been warmly welcomed by the market this year because it is not only safe, simple set-up, easy to manage, has a long service life, does not damage the land, saves civil construction costs, and is not affected by soil ...

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  • Fuel bladders custom fuelocker range extension tanks for gas or diesel

Fuel bladders custom fuelocker range extension tanks for gas or diesel

Except for water bladder tank, SpaceBladder also produces fuel bladder and gas storage bag, to meet the extended needs of diesel and gas storage. Compare with traditional plastic tank, SpaceBladder storage bladder tank always adhere to developing collapsible, portable, simple set-up and easy to transport products. SpaceBladder Fuel Bladders It is made from High Strength TPU material what is the thickness range is 0.7mm-1.5mm, we according to the specific design of the bladder to confirm the thickness. This material is ...

  • Custom TPU Water Bladder

SpaceBladder Custom TPU Water Bladder

SpaceBladder Mainly specialized in soft water bladder tank which made of PVC and TPU material, and it was widely used in agriculture, industry, domestic water. Due to the property of the material is different, so PVC and TPU water bladder have the different application in our life. For convenient to meet every client’s requirements, SpaceBladder provides custom-service for global clients. We mainly introduce custom TPU water bladder here, more product information please click bladder. space read more. What is Custom ...

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  • containers used for storing water at home

The Liquid containers used for storing water at home.

Why we suggest our liquid containers used for storing water at home. All of SpaceBladder liquid containers are collapsible, easy to transport, when you need not it, just fold it and put in the warehouse. We considered difference home have different space to put this bladder, so provide custom-service for every family, every home, we will accord your specific situation produce it, no matter you need 1 or 100 sets. Our bladder tank made of high strength PVC material, it ...

  • Flexible Collapsible Round Movable KOI Fish Tank 1

Flexible Collapsible Round Movable KOI Fish Tank

Flexible Collapsible Round Movable KOI Fish Tank Feedback from Chinese Customer. It used for koi fish, installed at home.     Trusted Bladder Tank Supplier You are our first priority customer. We ensure our products will hold to the highest standards. We truly care about you as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support in our industry. In addition, we constantly search for ways to improve the quality of our bladder tanks, while providing them ...