space 10000l auxiliary fuel bladders
  • May 19, 2021
  • Space 10000L Auxiliary Fuel Bladders

Space 10000L Fuel Bladder Tank equal to about 2500 gallon which specially designed for storage of various oils. 2500 Gallon is one of our hot sale sizes. The main capacity has 50Ll – 500,000L for choice.

Auxiliary fuel bladder also called collapsible fuel bladder, fuel cells, or fuel storage tanks for extending the range of industry, oil exploration, marine, etc.

It is made of high-strength polyurethane (TPU) material that is resistant to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and aging and is made by cutting high-frequency welding or thermal synthesis. Compared with steel oil tanks, it has the advantages of a lightweight, wear resistance, non-corrosion, small volume after folding, convenient loading and unloading, transportation, deployment, and withdrawal.

It can be used to store various industrial greases: edible oil, lubricating oil, lubricant additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high-oil fatty acids, etc. And energy grease, crude oil, diesel, transformer oil, and jet fuel.

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