• May 20, 2019
  • Flexible Fish Farming Tank – Space Hot Sale Tank

With the rapid development of the fish farming industry around the world, the development of new and efficient fish farming equipment has become the focus of our development. The galvanized pipe bracket flexible fish farming tank produced by our company has been warmly welcomed by the market this year because it is not only safe, simple set-up, easy to manage, has a long service life, does not damage the land, saves civil construction costs, and is not affected by soil quality. It is the best choice for the current fish breeding industry.

When you use our flexible fish farming tank, just need to follow the next steps.

  1. Find a related flat place, make it clean without sharp things.
  2. Assemb the steel tube frame support
  3. Combine the liner
  4. Add water, install your other related equipment.

Space Flexible fish farming tank no need for civil construction costs, very little labor costs, and minimal time costs. At the same time, system management is convenient, and the water exchange is convenient. Compared with the traditional fish pond, the management cost is also greatly reduced. Usually, the lifespan is more than 8 years. It is really worth it.