Spacebladder Rainwater Storage Tank
  • September 14, 2018
  • Spacebladder Rainwater Storage Tank

Space bladder has been working hard to provide rainwater storage tank for a variety of different uses to our customers, which is what we have always insisted on. Our aim is to live in harmony with nature.

In different regions, drought, water shortage, and a waste of water resources have gradually become a problem that is neglected. We have been thinking about how to store rainwater to alleviate water stress in different regions.

Spacebladder Rainwater Storage Tank

Rainwater Storage Tank

The rainwater storage system is a simple method of capturing rainwater, traditionally from the roof, used as an alternative source of water and reduces the consumption of water for the programme.

  1. Rainwater storage system reduces supply requirements for tap water.
  2. Rainwater storage is connected, more rainwater will be harvested in the house for flushing toilets and other purposes.
  3. Rainwater storage tank solves the problem of insufficient water supply in the marginal areas.
  4. Rainwater storage tank reduces peak flow and flow of rain.
  5. Rainwater storage tank can be retrofitted in homes and other buildings, including in high-density urban areas.

Spacebladder Rainwater Storage Tank

If you have a need for rainwater storage tank, please contact Spacebladder in time.