500m3 pillow water tank

500m3 PVC Pillow Shape Oily Water Flex Tank

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500m3 PVC Pillow Shape Oily Water Flex Tank Description

500m3 pillow tank is a big flex tank, it applied on waste oils, waster water, oils, fuel, etc storage. The weight about 1500kg & the dimension about 25m*20m.

This bladder main used for storage oily water with up to 10% oil content. Of course, it can’t use for storage corrosive liquid. And the PVC material is anti-UV which means it can be used outdoors.

And our 500m3 pillow tank working temperature is -30 to 80c.

Following is the detail of the 500m3 PVC pillow water bladder:

500m3 Water Tank
Material: Heavy-duty PVC material
Design: Pillow Shape
Fitting: 1*3’’  Inlet & Outlet Valve, 1* Air Vent, 4* Cover Protect

Applications include, but not limited to:

SpaceBladder has 10 years manufacturing experiences, adapting advanced double layer welding technology which makes our water tank more durable and with a long lifespan. The possible usage like below:

  • Agriculture use, irrigation, rainwater collection etc.
  • Daily life use, Water storage, Remote Storage
  • Industrial use, Mining, Drilling, Grey water, Water Treatment Plants and Sewage storage,
  • Public works and Civilian rescue organizations, Humanitarian Aid
  • Fish hatcheries, Tank Farms
  • Fire-fighting, Forestry Service, Military Operations
  • For cutters, yachts car holder etc.

Potable Water Tank for Public Works and Civilian Rescue Organizations more application please according to the specific usage and contact us, our sales and engineer would like to provide best water solution for every customer.

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500m3 PVC Pillow Shape Oily Water Flex Tank Advantages

  • Standard Bladder Sizes
  • Folds up, for easy compact storage
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Resistant to hot and cold temperatures
  • Resistant to microbial attack
  • High-Frequency Welding, Hot Wind Welding
  • No Glue or residue
  • Taps and fittings included
  • Puncture and Abrasion resistant

Space Bladder Accessories

To meet our customer’s requirements on usage, we have different kinds of the inlet&outlet valve for your choice.
Air vent: In order to release air and safe the bladder are filled with its capacity fully, each tank equips air pressure valve.
Kindly feel free to contact us.