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What is the difference between a Potable water tank, non-potable water tank, and fuel bladder tank?

Different liquids have different properties and different requirements for materials. We have three main materials that are commonly used. PVC coated fabric material, suitable for non-potable water storage, such as rainwater, daily use water, fish farming water, wastewater, etc. Polyether TPU coated fabric material, suitable for drinking water, juice storage, food-grade. Polyester TPU coated fabric material, suitable for diesel, gasoline, palm oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc.


Custom-Made & Color

We can provide customized service for you from dimension, fitting, etc. Except for the color. For the sample order, Colors can only be selected based on stock materials.



We accept wire transfer, western&union, and PayPal. Usually, western&union and Paypal used for sample order. 

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SpaceBladder provides a 1-year warranty beside human damage. At same time, we will equip repair kits for each bladder tank.

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