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  • onion tank , Self Supporting storage tank

Onion Tank, Self Supporting storage tank

About Self Supporting storage tank Self Supporting storage tank also called an onion water tank because it's in the form of an onion. Same with pillow water bladder tank, it does not include any Support bracket. It is made of High Strength PVC material what is the thickness range is 0.7mm-1.5mm, This material is UV-resistance, the temperature resistance is -30~+70℃. All of our material has passed the CE, ROHS, FDA, ISO etc. quality verification. Moreover, such this soft material storage ...

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Spill Berms

Environmental Protection | PVC | OIL | Secondary Containment Berm Spill Berms - Aluminum Angle Standard Spill Berms Space Bladder Aluminum Angle Berms are easy to use and set up on the shortest time. The advantage of our Angle guardrails is that the pads themselves are lighter through separate aluminum corners. This means less manpower is needed to handle slope protection of the same size in a single building. Angle brackets enter their own storage bags and berms, making ...